Finally Sony raised the curtain. We already know the date and price of PS5, we know which games will arrive at their launch and which ones are planned to fill the first batch of titles next year. Happy? Not at all. There are still doubts to be cleared and some may be key to the decision to book.

Backwards compatibility for PS4 games

Sony has already said that the backward compatibility with PS4 games will be almost total and that 99% of the games will be able to be played also on PS5. Well, but what games will not be compatible?

It’s not the same as an indie that nobody knows is left out to a triple A release. When will we know these games? Will they all be compatible from the launch or progressively?

Improvements in retro-compatible games

In the same line is what it supposes to play them in PS5 beyond enjoying better times of load. Is Bloodborne at 60 fps and rescheduled 4K a possibility, or do we have to be satisfied with waiting less time between death and resurrection? It wouldn’t have been bad to enjoy some of the examples shown in PlayStation Plus Collection.

PlayStation Plus Collection

And speaking of PlayStation Plus Collection… What exactly is this? We know that it will be a list of downloadable PS4 games that we will be able to enjoy from the launch on PS5 – a sort of extension of what PS Now already offers – but what are the plans with this proposal for the future?

It would be good to know if it is something specific, if new games will be added regularly and, if the latter happens, if there will also be space for PS5 titles.

PS5 Interface

Okay, I recognize that this is more out of pure curiosity than a trigger to buy or not the console, but it was missed to see what they have done with the PS5 interface. To know what improvements it offers at the level of navigation speed, if the store has been improved in any way or what will be its additional functions with respect to PS4.

Backwards compatible with previous generations

Much has been said about the possibility of playing previous generation titles on PS5, but for now we are still empty-handed and it is not known at what point the project is and what Sony’s plans are. It would be interesting to see if, as in the case of the PS4 games, this possibility would also add improvements to the games.

Limitations on SSD change

It seems that we are left with 825GB of space in both the digital and disk reader versions. We also know that the SSD is tailor-made to make PS5 faster and more efficient. Finally, Sony took care to ensure that the possibility of changing the SSD was on the table.

Well, what limitations will it have? Recommended brands, maximum sizes, consequences of choosing an SSD from other brands over the one included in PS5. Issues like these can be key to deciding between one version or another.