This year also promises to be crazy in terms of quality and quantity of novelties, so to have everything at hand we have prepared a compilation with the best games of 2020 for PS4 with the best games of the platform like Final Fantasy VII Remake or The Last of Us 2.

Below you will find both the games that are already available and the games that will arrive during 2020 with their corresponding date. We will be updating as the games arrive to the stores and PSN, as well as all the new announcements and date changes that will be made.

The best games for PS4 already available

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle

Price: 39,70 euros

Celebrating their tenth anniversary, and taking advantage of the work already done with the PC port, Platinum Games and Sega returned us to the always recommendable worlds of Bayonetta and Vanquish to make a clean break in which, even today, are still the best of its kind.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Price: 56,99 euros

It may not be an excellent RPG, but it was clear that we were not coming to that. We came to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with the intention of finding a song to the nostalgia of the hand of Goku and his friends, and that is more than well served.

Eternal Doom

Price: 59,90 euros

Few throws are so exciting as the one lived with the return of the demons of Eternal Doom. The franchise’s restart became one of the most fun games of its year, and this Doom 2-inspired sequel has proven to be a great way to repeat the feat.


Price: 34,90 euros

The ideal of create, play and share driven by Media Molecule enjoys its best face in Dreams. A development tool turned into a video game that, despite not having infinite possibilities, does enough to make it look like one. Without a doubt one of the most special games of the year.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Price: 59,90 euros

Another one that returns with renewed energies from the time of the first PlayStation is Final Fantasy VII Remake. Those of you who have tried the demo will have already seen what it is capable of in terms of performance and graphics, but beyond that it is worth applauding the work that has been put into the game. A classic adapted to the times.

Kentucky Route Zero

Price: 22,99 euros

It has taken us a long time to see Kentucky Route Zero reach its climax, but now many of us wish we could start over and discover it for the first time. A game marked by narrative that will not leave you indifferent.

Journey to the Savage Planet

Price: 26,99 euros

More games like Journey to the Savage Planet are needed. It may not be perfect, but its mix of exploration, puzzles, action and humor is one of those cocktails you don’t mind drinking in one gulp. One of those experiences worth enjoying, either alone or in company.

Minecraft Dungeons

Price: 19,99 euros

Under the umbrella of Microsoft comes Minecraft Dungeons, a turn of the screw for their formidable franchise, this time with dungeons and looteo as protagonists. You may not be a fan of the bucket-headed characters, but it’s undeniable that this has gone quite well.

Nioh 2

Price: 61,90 euros

Becoming one of the greatest exponents of the Souls formula outside of From Software, that at some point we would have a Nioh 2 on the horizon was practically certain. Fortunately the game has proven to continue to point to an identity of its own.

Person 5 Royal

Price: 54,99 euros

Persona 5 Royal is the golden opportunity to try out one of the best PRGs of recent times. Now, with juicy new features, new characters and subtitles in Spanish, enjoy the game of Atlus is even more appealing.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Price: 52,24 euros

Being chased by a ten-foot monster capable of sending you to the canvas in a matter of seconds doesn’t enter into anyone’s wet dream, but surprisingly it’s just what Resident Evil 3 Remake proposes. After Claire and Leon’s adventure, now it’s Jill’s turn to make a substantial improvement on the PSX classic.

Streets of Rage 4

Price: 29,99 euros

Self vs. neighborhood comes back from a classic. Streets of Rage 4 takes us back to the era of Megadrive with a completely revamped look and the return of its iconic characters. No doubt one of those games to burn with a friend on the couch.

The Last of Us Part II

Price: 69,99 euros

Without a doubt, Sony’s most important release this year (not counting PS5 and whatever it may bring). The Last of Us Part II brings back the emotional and raw story of Ellie, Joel and company along with Naughty Dog’s latest attempt to exploit the possibilities of PS4. For that alone, it’s worth taking a look at.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered

Price: 44,99 euros

Another Platinum Games game that returns from the dead is The Wonderful 101. After its resounding and unfortunate stumble on Wii U, the superhero game returns with a remastered version. It was a great game then and it’s back now, so if you didn’t have a chance to get your hands on it, don’t let it go.