A “remastering” that cried out for a better deal

When talking about remastering, one can imagine a clear improvement in the graphics, even a little, but something that manages to surpass the original title. However, the PS4 version of Crysis Remastered that we have played has not given us that impression at all. You could even say that at some moments it looks even worse than the work of the last decade.

That Crysis was in PC and with mods or with a proper configuration you can achieve a masterful visual section, so you’ll need a computer portent to move it. It was inevitable to think that with a remastering we would enjoy an even better product, but nothing could be further from the truth as you have been playing for a few minutes and there is nothing on the screen that catches you at first sight.

The water looks very good and it seems very realistic, the scenarios are full of details and the setting is achieved, but we are in 2020, a step away from the next generation of consoles and we can not help but insist that we are talking about a remastering and that all this is positive and had the original game. Without a doubt, it could be said that the law of minimum effort has been applied, despite the delays it has suffered in order to, apparently, polish up the experience even more.

The textures of some parts of the scenarios in the form of an open world are a bit grim. Although plants, trees or palms have a better finish, the same cannot be said at all about the stones or the soil, which when you approach these elements is where you can clearly see the shortcomings or they are somewhat blurred. That’s why, if you have the opportunity, we recommend you to choose the PC version (to which some of the images belong), apart from the fact that it is better optimized, because you can configure the graphic section to your liking and above all because visually it is more achieved, as we have already seen in some videos.

As for the sequences of the story, we have not been convinced by how the faces of the characters look, which seem to be from the last generation, to which we must add the fact that the dubbing and mouth movement is not coordinated most of the time. At least the dubbing in Spanish is still maintained at a good level and that is always to be welcomed.

On the other hand, to the destruction of the stages it continues by the same way that the rest of elements that we have indicated. The booths fall to pieces in the form of sheets, as if they were made of paper, instead of falling apart by the impacts of bullets or explosions. Even sometimes, in the meantime, they disappear just like that, as if they had never been there. At least we still love to make mincemeat of a structure and have the enemies underneath it get buried.

Regarding the character’s animations, sometimes we didn’t give credit to what we were seeing because it was the least we liked of all if we also take into account what we mentioned previously. When we eliminated the soldiers, it seems that they were rubber humans and had no bones, because you could see a leg that reached the back of the neck, an arm that stayed in the shape of an “S” and the worst thing is that many of them stayed suspended in the air. It doesn’t make sense.

So why is it a remastering? Well, the truth is that that’s what we’re asking ourselves. Because the performance is not bad, it goes at a constant 30 fps, with some little pull when we reach a save point, and we reappear right away if we die. But in general it seems that we have had in front of us the game of 2007 and not a perfected version that has arrived 13 years later, because we have liked to travel the stages on foot, in vehicles or with boats on the water, but we expected much more.

Our opinion

To say that Crysis has aged badly is no lie. The gameplay has become very outdated, it doesn’t offer an experience by which we can say that it surpasses or equals that of other current FPS, although just for giving the powers of the Nanosuit a chance. Even so, technically it has fallen tremendously short of what we are asking for a remastering.

Perhaps it would have been better to wait to publish the game later, in the next generation or directly develop a remake. Something that would make us remember why the original Crysis was so brilliant, so maybe it’s even better option to get the 2007 game on PC and improve it with the mods that swarm around Steam or otherwise, if you really want to enjoy Crysis Remastered, at least choose the version for compatible and not for consoles, unless you have a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X. Of course, you are warned about what you are going to find.