There are games that for different reasons have managed to leave a mark, either by their argument, their playability, their proposal, etc. In 2007 was launched the mythical Crysis and it turned out to be a real bombshell for the graphic quality that achieved the title of Crytek thanks to the graphic engine Cry Engine, although moving it to full capacity was something unthinkable for most users.

It must be recognized that Crytek gave a very strong blow on the table to demonstrate the amazing visual section that could reach the games. For this reason it was very surprising that the company wanted to bring back their great work with a remastering under the name of Crysis Remastered, which made us think at the time about how they would improve their graphics in this version.

However, after having tested it thoroughly, it has not been very clear to us if what we were playing was the original game or something worse, because of course, calling this remastering is doing it a disservice, as we are going to tell you in our analysis based on the version that has been published on PS4.

The NanoSuit and all its potential

Something that should be highlighted first of all is that Crysis Remastered is the same game that we saw 13 years ago in the sense that the history or gameplay has not changed, so in these sections we will not find any news. That said, our protagonist is Nomad, a CIA soldier who will travel with his team to an island inhabited by North Korean soldiers.

At first the plot will leave us wondering why we are going there exactly or what the real objective of the mission is, something that will be revealed little by little as the plot progresses. What our group of soldiers must avoid is falling into the hands of the enemy so as not to lose the suit they are equipped with, called the Nanosuit, which is a type of armor that gives them special and very powerful abilities.

Thus, while we have enough energy, we can move at full speed in a race, make high jumps, harden our skin to become more resistant or also remain invisible. Naturally, any of these actions will diminish our energy, especially if we are moving or in action, and even more so if we are damaged by an enemy.

The truth is that the gameplay has a strategic factor that fits quite well when having to quickly decide which skill of the Nanosuit is the best in certain moments. Likewise, this will also come into play when it comes to taking action, because it is not the same to go Rambo with the resistant suit as to look for a perfect cover while being invisible. On the other hand, jumps will also be very useful to reach places that seem inaccessible to the naked eye.

While all this is very good and does not cease to be a good SPF, not that we can highlight any other detail that stands out especially. The gameplay is a bit old-fashioned and does not reach the quality of other more current FPS. It is far from other great productions, even though more than a decade ago Crysis was a very impressive experience, but now it does not manage to transmit that same sensation at all.

This is also due to the strange artificial intelligence of the enemies, because they act in a somewhat… peculiar way. Sometimes you go hidden and they see you even if you are 20 meters away from them or they start shooting like crazy and other times you are a hand’s breadth away and they don’t even notice your presence, not to mention that with the aim they have sometimes they don’t need a sniper rifle, but it’s not that they pose a tough challenge unless there is a very large group of soldiers.

We will also notice this at times when we move around the stage slowly, so as not to make any noise, that there will be moments when they will know perfectly where we are and it has also happened to us that we have positioned ourselves right behind someone and they have not even noticed. And that’s not all, because at times we have come across an enemy who seems to be equipped with a NanoSuit because it is capable of moving at full speed or withstanding several shots from our machine gun without flinching, although this is not the case with the shotgun and much less with the rocket launcher, of course.